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Several acts of misconduct: is that gross?

An employee has committed a few acts of misconduct in close succession. Individually, they only warrant a written warning. Can you add them all up and allege this is actually a matter of gross misconduct? More...


Dismissal for fighting outside of work

Let’s suppose that two of your employees became involved in a fight outside of working hours and the matter has been brought to your attention. Would that give you grounds for dismissal? More...


Gross misconduct: does it always justify dismissal?

Let’s suppose that, following a fair and thorough disciplinary investigation and hearing, you’ve found an employee guilty of gross misconduct. Does this finding automatically justify their summary dismissal? More...


Does the ACAS Code apply to SOSR dismissals?

When the relationship between you and an employee breaks down, it’s possible to dismiss them on the grounds of “some other substantial reason” (SOSR). Do you need to follow the ACAS Code in this situation? More...


Workplace thefts - don’t be the butt of their joke

Most workplace thefts involve low-value, practical items - for some reason toilet rolls are a particular favourite! Over time though, the financial losses can easily rack up. So what can you do to prevent this type of activity? More...


Dishonesty: can it slash a tribunal award?

Even when the tribunal makes a finding of unfair dismissal, it can still reduce the compensatory award where the employee’s conduct “justifies” it. But suppose they were dishonest during the disciplinary hearing - does that count too? More...


Is losing you a customer “gross misconduct”?

Suppose that an employee’s poor level of customer service has cost you a customer. Although it’s the first complaint you’ve received about them, could you dismiss for gross misconduct or might it invite a tribunal claim? More...


Facebook comments and (un)fair dismissal

In two recent cases, employers had each dismissed an employee for comments they’d made on Facebook about their workplaces. At the tribunal, one lost but the other successfully defended its decision. So how did it win? More...


Offensive e-mails sent from home computers

Suppose that an employee has used their own home computer to send an offensive chain e-mail. You might think that this is a private activity. But according to the tribunal it can justify dismissal. What do you need to know? More...


Can you insist on a resignation?

In recent weeks, a number of MPs have been forced to resign over the part they played in the expenses scandal. If you believe an employee has acted in an appalling manner, can you demand their immediate resignation? More...
Last updated: 07.07.2020

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