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£55,000 for being told to lie about marital status

A female employee who complained about harassment by male colleagues has been awarded over £55,000 after her employer failed to deal with the matter properly. Where did this employer go wrong? More...


Man offered oral sex wins discrimination claim

A male employee has successfully claimed sex discrimination after a female colleague said that she would give him a bl*w job if he hit sales totalling £180,000. Why did the tribunal find in his favour? More...


£3.2 million for unlawful treatment

An employee who was dubbed “Crazy Miss Cokehead” by bosses has been awarded £3.2 million after the tribunal agreed that she was sexually harassed. But why did she receive so much compensation? More...


Don’t like football? You must be gay!

In a recent case, an employee who had said he didn’t like football was called gay by his colleagues. The tribunal said this was discriminatory and awarded him £44,000. Why was this employer hit with such a large penalty? More...


Employees who cross the line

Two Sky Sports presenters recently discussed a female football referee off air; they commented on both her looks and credibility. But even though this was supposedly a private “joke”, their employer came down hard. Why? More...


Justifiable criticism or sexual harassment?

An employee claims that her manager’s aggressive tone amounts to sexual harassment. He says it’s simply “justifiable criticism” as she’s not pulling her weight. What is the tribunal likely to say? More...


Are they harassed, or just being over-sensitive?

The Employment Appeal Tribunal has said that an off-the-cuff remark about an employee’s sexual orientation is unlikely to amount to harassment. A good news decision, but what happens when the Equality Act 2010 comes into force? More...


Male pin-ups at work - safe or not?

Staff often look for ways to lighten the workplace mood. But what if a female employee’s solution is to display a calendar featuring scantily-clad men? Is this just a bit of harmless fun or are you breaking the law? More...


The age old problem of discrimination

Age discrimination legislation has been in place for just over two years and there’s been a steady trickle of cases brought against employers. What are some of the issues tribunals have looked at under this relatively new law? More...


Banter or sexual harassment?

You’re aware that if a male employee makes suggestive comments towards a female colleague it could amount to sexual harassment. But could she claim if she normally engages in such banter herself? More...
Last updated: 12.08.2020

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