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Unfairly dismissed for calling boss “a tw@t”

The tribunal has ruled that an employee who was sacked for calling his boss “a tw@t” was unfairly dismissed and awarded him £19,000. What did the employer do wrong in the dismissal procedure? More...


Can you dismiss just because they smell of alcohol?

An employee has turned up to work smelling pretty bad and it’s obvious that it’s alcohol. Can you sack them simply because they reek of it or would a dismissal for this reason be inviting trouble? More...


Gross misconduct and instant dismissal

In April 2015 there were reports about a farm worker who had been sacked on the spot after he was photographed urinating near crops. Can an employee really be dismissed instantly? More...


Unfairly dismissed over “Osama bin Laden” selfie

An employment tribunal has concluded that an employee who was sacked for taking a selfie on works premises whilst wearing a rubber Osama bin Laden face mask was unfairly dismissed. Where did the employer go wrong? More...


Sex at work out of hours: is it gross misconduct?

In a recent case the employee claimed unfair dismissal after he was sacked for engaging in sexual activities outside of hours but on work premises. Was his behaviour gross misconduct or not? More...


£59,000 and a slice of humble pie

In a recent case an employee was dismissed for failing to follow a management instruction. However, the tribunal felt that this decision was unfair and awarded him £59,315. What did the employer do wrong? More...


Fairly sacked for taking a yoghurt worth 39p

Employees often help themselves to their employer’s stock, particularly items of low value. But, as a recent case shows, you don’t have to prove such misconduct “beyond all reasonable doubt”. So what are you required to do? More...


Gross misconduct or a wrongful dismissal?

If an employee is summarily dismissed for gross misconduct, they are not entitled to receive the notice period stated in their contract. Could this allow them to claim wrongful dismissal, i.e. breach of contract, by default? More...


That’s (business) entertainment!

In a recent case, a female employee had been sacked for offending a client. Most media reports focused on the fact her claim has been allowed to proceed, not why this is. What important legal point has been overlooked? More...


P*ssed (off) worker wins unfair dismissal case

An employee who was dismissed for drinking a single pint of lager shandy has just had his unfair dismissal claim upheld by the Employment Appeal Tribunal. So what did the employer involved do wrong here? More...
Last updated: 12.08.2020

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