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£13,500 for selling employer’s old mobile phones

In August 2019 it was reported that a senior employee at a well-known London law firm had pocketed £13,547 by selling old company mobile phones. What should you do to prevent a similar situation in your workplace? More...


Employee pockets £5,000 from fraudulent refunds

In May 2014 there were media reports of an employee who had pocketed £5,000 of her employer’s money by issuing refunds to a fake customer. Once discovered she admitted the theft, but how might this have been avoided? More...


Mirrors reduce workplace theft


Fairly sacked for taking a yoghurt worth 39p

Employees often help themselves to their employer’s stock, particularly items of low value. But, as a recent case shows, you don’t have to prove such misconduct “beyond all reasonable doubt”. So what are you required to do? More...


£845 theft costs employer £34,000

Where you discover that an employee has stolen from you, never take the law into your own hands. As one employer recently found out, doing so can be costly; he ended up having to pay out £34,000. So what’s the moral of the story? More...


Dismissal due to misconduct in a previous job

A dismissal usually involves an employee’s misconduct in their current job. But suppose an element of their work history came back to haunt them. Could this ever give you grounds to terminate their employment? More...


Workplace theft - more than one suspect

Some brand new equipment has gone missing from your premises. But rather than one potential suspect, you have several. If nobody owns up, can you sack them all? And, if this is possible, what process must you follow first? More...


Urinating at work is a fair reason for dismissal

An employee who needed to answer “a call of nature”, stopped his van to do just that. His employer reacted by sacking him for gross misconduct. But what did the tribunal think? Was this a “reasonable response” or not? More...


A procedure to fit the crime

An employee committed an act of gross misconduct. You waited a day then summarily dismissed before following the modified disciplinary and dismissal procedure. They claim the delay made it an unfair dismissal - correct? More...


What proof do we need?

Last updated: 09.07.2020

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