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Dealing with competing holiday requests

Two employees have submitted competing requests for holiday during August. One is a parent and the other isn’t. If you can’t agree both requests, must the parent be given preferential treatment over the non-parent?

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Brexit and right to work checks

Now that Brexit has been pushed back to 31 October 2019, what does this mean for any right to work checks which you must carry out as part of the recruitment process? More...


No meeting = constructive dismissal

An employee has won her claim for constructive dismissal at the Employment Appeal Tribunal after she was issued with a formal improvement notice by her employer. What did they do wrong? More...


Employee refusing to release a medical report

You’ve recently referred an employee to an occupational health advisor for a report on their fitness to work. However, the employee is now refusing to allow the report to be released to you. Can you proceed and, if so, how? More...


Required to disclose pregnancy?

In May 2019 the tribunal dealt with a case in which the employer argued that an employee should have disclosed the fact she was pregnant when it offered her the job role. Is this correct ? More...


Time off for close family bereavements

An employee who has recently suffered a close family bereavement has told you that they will need to take some time off work. What types of leave are they entitled to and how much time off do you need to give them? More...
Last updated: 21.06.2019

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