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Are “I’m new” badges OK?

The food retailer Pret A Manger has come under fire after an employee was spotted wearing a badge which said “I am new, kiss me”. The wording to one side, is it OK to ask employees to wear badges saying they are new?

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Full guidance on the GDPR


Introducing “wellbeing days”

Research suggests that over 39 million working days were lost to sickness absence in the last year. To prevent them, some experts are suggesting employers introduce “wellbeing days”. Is this a good idea? More...


The 2018/19 minimum wage rates

On 1 April 2018 the national living wage (NLW) and the national minimum wage (NMW) rates will all be increased. What will they be and what’s likely to happen to the NLW in 2019/20? More...


Employee told to “f*** off home” wins tribunal claim

An employee who was repeatedly called a “fat c***” by his manager and eventually told to “f*** off home - don’t come back” has won his tribunal claim for constructive dismissal. Can a heat of the moment dismissal be retracted? More...


When it’s one employee’s word against another’s

One of your employees has accused a colleague of sexual harassment in the workplace. The accused denies everything and claims the accusation is completely fabricated. How do you handle it? More...
Last updated: 19.01.2018

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