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Employee accused of theft awarded £20,000

An employee who was accused of stealing a soft drink and subsequently dismissed has been awarded over £20,000 by the tribunal. Where did the employer go wrong?

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The GDPR reference exemption

Under the GDPR employees have rights to access personal data. However, the new Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA) carves out a specific exemption for references. What do you need to know? More...


A motivational trick to improve performance

You have an employee who does their job well but there are a couple of things you would really like them to do differently. There’s one approach you could take which is likely to get them to comply without hesitation; what is it? More...


Substance misuse assistance

Public Health England (PHE) has released a new toolkit to help employers deal with workplace drug, alcohol and tobacco misuse issues. Is it worth a look? More...


Dependants’ leave during school holidays

During the school holidays many working parents struggle with childcare arrangements, particularly over the summer months. At what point does a childcare problem entitle an employee to take dependants’ leave? More...


When can “without prejudice” be used?

It’s been suggested that to protect your business the words “without prejudice” should clearly be stated at the top of all communications to your employees and job applicants. Is this a good idea or not? More...
Last updated: 17.08.2018

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