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Unprofessionally bulging at the seams

Over the past few months one of your employees has started to bulge out of their clothes. You don’t know the exact reasons for their weight gain, but the tight fit of their garments looks unprofessional. How should you handle it?

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Easier right to work checks

From 28 January 2019 it will be much easier to check right to work status in certain situations by using the Home Office’s Right to Work Checking Service. When can it be used? More...


A written statement on day one

The government is extending the right to receive a written statement of employment particulars to all workers from day one of employment. When will this come into force and how can you prepare for it? More...


The future of zero-hours contracts

In December 2018 the government announced its final decision on the future of zero-hours contracts. Although it’s been under pressure to ban them entirely, it’s opted to do something different. What’s happening? More...


How to deal with the “job ghosting” trend

Apparently, there has been a sharp rise in job ghosting. This is where an employee disappears without any notice or contact. If it looks like you’ve been ghosted by one of your employees, how should you handle it? More...


Q&A - the use of capital letters in e-mails

Last updated: 20.02.2019

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