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Photographs with CVs and application forms

An employer has been criticised for asking potential job applicants to submit a photograph along with their CV. What does the law say about this practice and should you consider asking your job applicants to do likewise?

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Employer tells staff to stop “pooing on the floor”

The Financial Conduct Authority has some mystery employees who are behaving badly, so it’s sent a letter to all staff warning them that things must improve. Can a general written warning be classed as a formal written warning? More...


Safe to send reference requests by e-mail?

You’ve made an offer of employment and wish to take up references. Your chosen candidate has given you e-mail addresses for both of their referees. Why should you ask for their postal addresses instead? More...


When can untaken holiday be carried over?

It’s come to your attention that an employee hasn’t taken their full annual leave entitlement and you’re approaching the end of your holiday year. Must they be permitted to carry the full balance over into your next holiday year? More...


Accused was unfairly dismissed

An employee who was dismissed after the police charged him with possessing indecent images has won his claim for unfair dismissal. What mustn’t you do when an employee is facing criminal charges? More...


Former employee left personal belongings behind

You’ve recently discovered some personal property which belonged to a former employee. Must you try to return it to them or can you dispose of any items without telling them? More...
Last updated: 17.01.2020

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