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£8,000 for “fabricated” illness

The tribunal has awarded an employee who suffers with anxiety and depression £8,000 because the employer accused her of “fabricating illness for a payout”. Why was this a wrong thing to do?

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Employee photos on websites and the GDPR

You would like to create a “meet the team” section on your website which has photos of all key staff and a description of their job role. Where do you stand on this legally now that the GDPR is in force? More...


Employee denied company vehicle wins £10,000

An employee who resigned after he was refused access to a company vehicle has won his claim for constructive dismissal. Does this mean that your employees have the right to demand a company vehicle? More...


Should you ban “love” at work?

It’s been reported that staff at Gatwick Airport have been banned from calling customers “love” and “darling”. Should you introduce a similar rule in your workplace? More...


How to check right to work documents

Before a job applicant takes up employment, you must check that they are allowed to work in the UK. You can verify this by checking certain documents. When the documents are produced, what should you be looking for? More...


Accepting contractual variations

You want to vary the terms of an employee’s contract but aren’t sure how they are going to react. If they continue to work without protest, can you take this as a sign that they’ve accepted the change? More...
Last updated: 21.09.2018

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