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EU employee status post-Brexit

For months there has been uncertainty over the employment status of EU citizens in the UK in the immediate aftermath of Brexit. The government has now given some guidance on this issue. What do you need to know?

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Why wasn’t being called a “fat ginger pikey” harassment?

In a 2018 case, the employee claimed harassment after he was called a “fat ginger pikey” by co-workers. However, he lost his appeal at the Employment Appeal Tribunal. Why was this? More...


The 2019/20 NLW and NMW rates

The Chancellor has announced that the national living wage (NLW) will rise in April 2019. But what about the national minimum wage (NMW) and the so-called real Living Wage? Will they be changing too? More...


Is holiday lost if it’s not taken?

It’s coming towards the end of your holiday year and one employee hasn’t applied to take all of their statutory annual leave entitlement. Will they lose that holiday if they don’t act before the end of this period? More...


Employee is refusing to sign their contract

You’ve hired a new employee and given them a written employment contract. However, they’re refusing to sign and return it as they don’t agree with one of the terms. Despite this they are still turning up for work. How should you play it? More...


£1 million compensation over car park dispute

The tribunal has awarded an employee £1 million after it ruled he had been unfairly dismissed and suffered race discrimination following an argument in a car park. What went wrong? More...
Last updated: 15.01.2019

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