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Is a pre-cancerous condition a disability?

The Equality Act 2010 states that cancer is automatically considered to be a disability - this is not something that an employer can challenge. But what about a “pre-cancerous” condition - is that also a disability?

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GDPR record of processing activities

From 25 May 2018 all employers will be obliged to maintain a written record of their data processing activities in relation to employees. How can you ensure that your record complies with the GDPR? More...


The GDPR and the right to be forgotten

The General Data Protection Regulation grants all data subjects a right to erasure. This is more commonly known as the “right to be forgotten”. Must you comply if an employee, or a former employee, exercises this right? More...


References: OK to give an opinion?

The High Court has ruled that an employer acted lawfully when a personal opinion about a former employee was included in a reference. Does this mean personal opinions in references are OK now? More...


£11,000 for mimicking an accent

An employee of Caribbean origin has been awarded over £11,000 by the tribunal after his colleagues jokingly mimicked his accent on several occasions. Why was this problematic for the employer? More...


New employee lied on their CV - what now?

Several weeks ago you hired a new employee who appeared to have all the skills and experience you need. You’ve since discovered that she lied on her CV. Given that she’s now on your payroll, how should you play it? More...
Last updated: 24.05.2018

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