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“Happy Birthday” written inside condolence card

In many workplaces a group card will be sent when an employee experiences a major life event or a birthday. However, based on the experience of one employer, what should you watch out for?

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Are agency workers entitled to the same hours?

Many smaller employers rely on agency workers to meet their staffing needs. These workers have many legal rights, but are they entitled to the same number of contractual hours as directly employed comparators? More...


Can you be liable for offensive Facebook posts?

You’ve discovered that an employee has posted racially offensive content on their personal Facebook page. It’s been seen by at least one of their colleagues. Could you be held liable for their actions? More...


Is removing paid rest breaks legal?

Asda has presented thousands of its employees with new employment contracts which remove paid rest breaks. Apparently, those who refuse to accept the revised terms will lose their jobs. Is this legal? More...


Q&A - illegal contracts and tribunal claims


New pensions re-enrolment tools

Last updated: 18.10.2019

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