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Pension tax relief issues to be fixed?

HMRC might have been quiet during the election run-up but what have we heard about the future that could fix the problem of tax relief and net pay arrangements? More...


Inflation uplifts confirmed


Pension freedoms can be a tax trap

Back in 2015 George Osborne gave people access to their defined contribution pensions at age 55, and many thousands have taken the opportunity to access their cash. But what are the tax and benefits issues to be aware of? More...


New year, new tax issues for pensions

With more people saving into pensions thanks to auto-enrolment, they need to be aware of the interaction with the tax system to ensure maximum efficiency. What are the key elements to be aware of? More...


A pay rise or a pay cut in April?

As a result of the final stage of pensions auto-enrolment being rolled out in April 2019, some employees will get a hidden pay rise from their employers, but only if they take a pay cut. Why is that? More...


Pensions tax relief to be cut?

An unwelcome consequence of the hugely successful policy to get nine million people into workplace pensions is that the bill for tax relief has now reached an eye-watering £50 billion per year. So what might happen next? More...
Last updated: 10.07.2020

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