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Your role in delivering workplace pensions

Since 2012 employers, and specifically payroll professionals like you, have had to become pensions specialists too. So what are the nuts and bolts of this new area of expertise? More...


Opting down and NEST


What are the next steps for auto-enrolment?

It’s five years since the implementation of auto-enrolment so the government has carried out a review to consider any future changes to policy that might be needed. Is there much to worry about? More...


Are you ready for 2018?

The turn of the year isn’t just a time for personal reflection. What business payroll plans should you be implementing in 2018? More...


Don’t mention the pension…?

With the advent of auto-enrolment and universal workplace pensions, employers are now worried about being seen to advise on pension matters. How far does the law allow you to go? More...


Opt down or out?

The Department for Work and Pensions is considering how to prevent employees opting out when the contribution figure rises to 3% in April 2018. So what’s the plan? More...

auto enrolment - update

Pensions go mainstream

It’s all change from October 2017 as auto-enrolment hits its five-year milestone and we head towards the first increase in contributions. What’s involved and what might be the additional cost? More...


The last big push for auto-enrolment

Your pension obligations are now just as much a part of payroll as deducting tax and NI. So what lessons have been learned since auto-enrolment first arose five years ago and what does the future hold? More...


Auto-enrolment - the hidden worker trap

It’s possible that as many as 460,000 people are being treated as self-employed when they should be workers. For auto-enrolment purposes why does this matter and how can you avoid the trap? More...
Last updated: 18.12.2018

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