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OTS calls for overhaul of PAYE


HMRC’s plans for RTI

After succumbing to pressure, HMRC eventually published its post-implementation review of real time information just before Christmas 2017. So what did we learn of its future plans for PAYE? More...


RTI: lessons learned and future plans

It’s nearly four years since RTI went live and now a new PAYE project will launch in April 2017. What key things have been learned about RTI and what does the future hold? What do you really need to know? More...

payroll forms

What to do when an employee leaves


RTI obligations of paying employees early

Your company’s usual payroll date is the last day of the calendar month, but this month you need to pay some of your staff early. It sounds tricky, but what’s the simplest way to handle the extra payday under RTI? More...
Last updated: 11.11.2019

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