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Tax codes under the spotlight

HMRC has launched a new dynamic coding trigger in respect of tax code accuracy. What are the key things you must now do as a result? More...


HMRC to start auditing tax codes


How to challenge a tax code

Since the introduction of dynamic coding in July 2017 taxpayers (your employees) are seeing their tax codes change much more frequently. What advice can you give about challenging them? More...


Check those codes


New tax year, new tax codes?

Between 6 April and 24 May each year there are special rules for new starters to make sure they are allocated the most appropriate tax code. Do you know what those rules are and how they should be applied? More...


Scotland the brave?

Back in 2015 Scotland broke away from the rest of the UK and introduced its own approach to income tax. So where are we now and what does the future hold for payroll north of the border? More...

Tax codes

Check that tax code!

When it comes to tax codes HMRC doesn’t always get it right. Yet the consequences of an incorrect code can be significant. What advice can you give your staff to ensure they’re not under or overpaying tax? More...

tax codes

Wrong code? Here’s what to do

tax codes

Be prepared for the influx


“KC” NI number problem

A new starter has given you an NI number starting with “KC”. When you tried to file their first FPS, it was rejected. Is their number valid? More...
Last updated: 03.04.2020

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