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The new payroll apprenticeship

Since April 2017, employers with a paybill of £3m or more have had to pay the apprenticeship levy. But can the funds be used to hire a payroll apprentice, and if not, what’s about to change? More...


The apprenticeship levy - year two

The second tax year with the apprenticeship levy in force has just started. What are the basics of this training tax and what lessons have been learned in the first year of operation? More...


Crunch the numbers correctly

In April 2017 the apprenticeship levy was first calculated in payroll software but many providers got the figures wrong. So what are the basic calculation rules in payroll and when should you check them? More...

apprenticeship levy

Hire an apprentice to understand the levy?

The new apprenticeship levy (which is effectively a training tax) is not just for large employers and those with apprentices. So who pays, how does it work and how can you get to grips with it? More...

apprencticeship levy

Will you be affected by the new apprenticeship levy?

In April 2017 a new apprenticeship levy is being introduced. If your business has to pay it, this will need to be done through the monthly PAYE process alongside tax and NI. How much will you need to pay? More...
Last updated: 03.04.2020

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