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New payroll legislation to bear in mind

As we’re now half-way through 2018 are you struggling to remember which payroll proposals are still due for delivery in the next year or so and what appears to have fallen by the wayside?

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Cars to error questions answered

At Payroll Professional we often receive questions on the more troublesome aspects of working in payroll. We can’t respond individually so we thought we’d share some of our answers with you this month. What’s to learn? More...


Large companies to justify pay ratios


Holiday pay calculations - all change?

A recent court case means employers and those operating payrolls may have to rethink holiday pay calculations. What do you need to know? More...


Made an error? Should you keep quiet?

PAYE compliance is very much in the spotlight at the moment. So is it better to come clean if you find you’ve done something wrong or wait for HMRC to find out? Which is likely to have the better outcome? More...


Countdown to Brexit, should you be worried?

It’s less than a year now until we formally leave the EU, even if the transition period will drag things on for a bit. But what changes will there be for employers and how should you prepare for them? More...
Last updated: 17.08.2018

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