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Transferring pension payrolls

Your business has acquired another - and all its staff and pensioners. Transferring pension records from one PAYE scheme to another can be tricky. What are the most important things to get right?

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Settled status concerns

Now that we’ve finally left the European Union, what should you be encouraging any workers who are EU nationals to do to ensure they can continue working here? More...


Off-payroll working - the operational angle

Virtually all of HMRC’s published guidance on off-payroll working in the private sector focuses on the beginning of the process, but what about all those unanswered operational complexities? More...


Good Work Plan - good news?

Many employment law changes are in the pipeline for April 2020, including to the provision of a written statement of employment particulars and the calculation of holiday pay. What do you need to know? More...


How do staff avoid overpaying NI?

There’s a maximum amount of standard rate NI that an employee can pay in a year. What do you need to know so that they avoid overpaying and waiting for a refund after year end? More...


New retrospective penalty legislation

Last updated: 21.02.2020

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