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Time to register for payrolling?

Since April 2016 you have been able to tax benefits in kind through the payroll rather than reporting them on a P11D. As another new tax year approaches is this something for you to consider?

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Settled status concerns

Now that we’ve finally left the European Union, what should you be encouraging any workers who are EU nationals to do to ensure they can continue working here? More...


Off-payroll working - the operational angle

Virtually all of HMRC’s published guidance on off-payroll working in the private sector focuses on the beginning of the process, but what about all those unanswered operational complexities? More...


New retrospective penalty legislation


Happy endings: getting termination payments right

It’s one of those urban myths that anyone you dismiss under the terms of a settlement agreement or make redundant can receive £30,000 tax free on departure. But what does the law really allow? More...


Employer compliance reviews

HMRC undertakes thousands of its much feared PAYE compliance reviews each year. Naturally, you run a very tight ship when it comes to payroll, but if it’s your turn for a visit in 2020 what can you expect? More...
Last updated: 31.03.2020

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