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Benefits in kind statistics show recent trends

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NI changes just around the corner

Payroll software developers have been given further details of how the new NI will work. What do you need to know in advance of April 2020? More...


What to do with workers post-Brexit?

With the Brexit deadline finally looming (probably), you’re sure to start receiving questions from concerned workers about their status etc. Whether the UK leaves with or without a deal, what answers can you give them? More...


How do staff avoid overpaying NI?

There’s a maximum amount of standard rate NI that an employee can pay in a year. What do you need to know so that they avoid overpaying and waiting for a refund after year end? More...


Good Work Plan - good news?

Many employment law changes are in the pipeline for April 2020, including to the provision of a written statement of employment particulars and the calculation of holiday pay. What do you need to know? More...


Fuel for thought

Whilst you can of course provide company car drivers with fuel for business use, are you fully au fait with the rules or could you be exposed to a complex and potentially costly compliance problem? What’s the key thing to get right? More...
Last updated: 11.12.2019

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