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Time for staff to get on their bikes?

With fears about travel, and pressure on public transport to operate effective social distancing measures, there’s been a lot of talk about commuting to work on a bike. Is it time to consider introducing a bicycle scheme at work?

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Budget announcements

Whilst coronavirus is dominating the headlines and taking up most of your time, you still need to be aware of the announcements in Budget 2020 that affect employers. What’s to know this time around? More...


Will HMRC check furlough payment claims?

So far, making a claim for furloughed employees’ pay under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) seems to be relatively pain free. But HMRC has five years to check your calculations. How can you avoid trouble down the line? More...


Key payroll changes

Employers are facing challenges like never before due to coronavirus and it’s your job to ensure that payroll continues to function properly. What’s changed? More...


The right way to let staff go

Many employers have been forced to make staff redundant due to the impact of coronavirus on business. But the virus doesn’t give you carte blanche to ignore the rules. What do you need to get right? More...


Making redundancies to stay afloat

Even with the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme you may have to cut even harder to survive the economic impact of the pandemic. What are the rules if you have to say goodbye to employees? Are there alternatives? More...
Last updated: 10.07.2020

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