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How to avoid a late filing penalty

If you fail to submit your RTI returns on time you may face an automatic penalty. However, there’s a way around this in certain circumstances. What do you need to know to avoid a fine?

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Court of Appeal rules on voluntary overtime


Tax breaks for gym time?

It’s now well recognised that a physically and mentally fit worker is less likely to take time off sick and will have a higher productivity level. You’re keen to invest in a healthy workforce but what tax exemptions exist to soften the blow? More...


Happy holiday or expensive mistake?

Over recent years there have been numerous holiday pay cases that have resulted in an employment tribunal claim and subsequently taken to appeal. What do you need to know to avoid the same fate? More...


New NICs third time lucky


HMRC announces changes to SSP

New guidance has been published on who can provide evidence of sickness for statutory sick pay purposes (SSP). What do you need to know? More...
Last updated: 23.08.2019

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