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It’s not what they do, it’s the way that they do it!

One of the 2018 Budget headlines centred on the topic of contractors and how they’re paid in the private sector. What do you need to know about the rules for the different types of working arrangement, and what’s changing in 2020?

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“Workin’ 9 to 5” …and a bit more

Your staff are contracted to work from 9.00am to 5.00pm yet to meet peaks in demand they’re often expected to put in overtime, either on a voluntary or compulsory basis. What are the rules from a payroll perspective? More...


Settled status

The government has published a toolkit for employers of EU nationals who want to apply to stay in the UK post-Brexit. What do you need to know and what can you do to support an employee’s application? More...


Statutory payments announced


Employee incentive schemes - key payroll points

You’d like to reward ideas that your staff put forward to improve the business. You have in mind an incentive scheme that pays out cash awards. What are the key things to be aware of to avoid a nasty tax bill? More...


No bereavement pay in Northern Ireland

Last updated: 15.01.2019

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