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Are you still living in the dark ages?

It seems that a high number of employers still have discriminatory attitudes towards employing pregnant employees and new mothers. What’s the issue here? More...


When is ignorance a defence?

The Court of Appeal has ruled that an employer didn’t have constructive knowledge of an employee’s disability as it had taken reasonable steps to find out whether she was disabled. What are the implications of this decision? More...


Getting your sickness absence policy right

You have a legal duty to provide specified information to employees relating to sickness absence, plus a well-drafted sickness absence policy can cover other important matters too. What should your written policy contain? More...


The “Good Work” plan - what can we expect from it?

The government has finally published its detailed response to the 2017 Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices. What does it say, and are we likely to see any significant employment law changes as a result? More...


Termination through settlement

Settlement agreements can be used to end an employment relationship on agreed terms. When should you consider using a settlement agreement and what are the advantages and disadvantages of using one? More...


What rights do part-time workers really have?

With over 25% of the UK workforce now working part time, it’s likely you employ at least one part-time worker and, if so, you must ensure you comply with their legal rights to equal treatment with full-time workers. What do these rights provide? More...


Legal issues when requesting or providing a reference

When considering whether to request a reference for a prospective employee or to provide one for a current or former employee, there are a number of legal issues you need to be aware of. What are they? More...


Pay in lieu of notice


Increase in a week’s pay

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