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No new “high heels” legislation

The government has confirmed that it won’t be amending the Equality Act 2010 to cover workplace dress codes. Does this mean you don’t need to do anything? More...


When do sleep-in shifts count as NMW working time?

The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has ruled that determining the national minimum wage (NMW) entitlement of sleep-in workers requires a so-called “multifactorial evaluation”. When will sleep-in time now count as NMW working time? More...

bonus schemes

Exercising bonus scheme discretion

Where your bonus scheme provides for any bonus payments to be “at your absolute discretion”, how much discretion do you actually have and how can you avoid a bonus payment becoming contractual by custom and practice? More...


What’s the role of HR in disciplinary proceedings?

Where it’s alleged that an employee has committed misconduct, it’s likely that you’ll institute disciplinary proceedings against them, commencing with a formal investigation into their actions. What role can HR play in this whole process? More...


Growing talent through apprenticeships

The government has made a commitment to deliver three million apprenticeships by 2020. With funding available for training and assessment, is now the time to consider employing an apprentice to help you grow your own internal talent? More...

workplace relocation

Is a refusal to relocate a redundancy or misconduct?

Where your business is considering a move to new premises, you’ll need to tackle the employment aspects. If an employee refuses to relocate, are they redundant or should you treat it as misconduct and discipline them accordingly? More...


GDPR: consent and privacy notices

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect on 25 May 2018 and will substantially change the UK’s data protection regime. How does it impact on obtaining employee consent to data processing and on privacy notices? More...


Status of EU nationals in the UK


Government consultation

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