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Making reasonable adjustments for disabled job applicants

During the recruitment process, you’re obliged to comply with the statutory duty to make reasonable adjustments for disabled applicants. What considerations do you need to consider to ensure that you comply with this duty? More...


What is not a disability?

Although you’re probably relatively familiar with the statutory definition of a disability, what you might not know is that there are some specific exclusions to that definition. When does the law say that a condition does not constitute a disability? More...


Late knowledge of disability is no defence

According to the Employment Appeal Tribunal, a dismissal can still be discriminatory even if the employer doesn’t know of the employee’s disability until the appeal stage. What does this mean in practice? More...


Employer need not know consequences of disability

The Court of Appeal has held that an employer was liable for discrimination arising from disability after it dismissed an employee for misconduct. The employer was unaware that the misconduct was due to a disability. What does this ruling mean in practice? More...


Substantial increase to cap on Access to Work grants

Disabled workers can now benefit from a £15,000 rise in the maximum annual Access to Work grant. What’s the new cap and could the grant assist you as the worker’s employer? More...


When is ignorance a defence?

The Court of Appeal has ruled that an employer didn’t have constructive knowledge of an employee’s disability as it had taken reasonable steps to find out whether she was disabled. What are the implications of this decision? More...
Last updated: 05.08.2020

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