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Calculating holiday pay for workers with irregular hours

The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has considered whether it’s acceptable to cap a zero hours, term-time only worker’s holiday pay at 12.07% of annual earnings. What was its decision and what are the implications if you employ irregular hours workers? More...


Risk of new holiday pay claims

Following a recent Court of Justice of the European Union case, it’s possible that you may now receive substantial claims for holiday pay from your contractors. Why is this? More...


Voluntary overtime and the calculation of holiday pay

The Employment Appeal Tribunal has ruled that payment for voluntary overtime that’s normally worked should be included in the calculation of holiday pay. What are the implications for employers? More...


Holiday pay - good news for employers!

It’s now been confirmed that for workers to bring a claim for underpaid holiday based on a series of ongoing deductions, there must be less than three months between the underpayments. Why is this good news? More...
Last updated: 12.12.2018

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