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Defamation allegation can form basis of whistleblowing claim

According to the Employment Appeal Tribunal, an allegation of defamation by an employee can be a breach of a legal obligation under the statutory whistleblowing provisions. Does this widen the whistleblowing protection? More...


Individual workers can be liable for whistleblowing dismissals

The Court of Appeal has held that two non-executive directors were personally liable for the dismissal of a whistleblowing employee. What are the implications of this ruling for directors, managers and HR staff? More...


The importance of whistleblowing training

Whilst you probably already have a whistleblowing policy in place, it’s now just as important to carry out regular staff training on whistleblowing. How can such an exercise help protect your business? More...


When is whistleblowing in the public interest?

The Court of Appeal has held that a whistleblowing disclosure can still be in the public interest even where it’s also in the whistleblower’s private interest, but that all the circumstances need to be considered. Where does this leave the “public interest” test? More...
Last updated: 01.06.2020

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