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Free online learning platform to boost workers’ skills

The government has launched The Skills Toolkit to enable workers to build their skills whilst at home. Should you encourage your staff to take advantage? More...


Sourcing a training provider

You’ve identified some training needs and now need help in how best to carry them out. Do you need to bring in a specialist training company or can you undertake some of it in-house? More...


Do you know what your training needs are?

Your business is growing, and you’d like to expand the range of services that you offer but don’t think your employees are currently up to this. How can you identify what training they will need? More...


Development on the cheap or real value added?

One of the major challenges for SMEs and HR professionals in developing staff is to decide where to invest. How can you ensure you get the right balance for your organisation - is on the job learning a real option? More...
Last updated: 28.05.2020

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