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The dangers of disclosing legal advice

An employer who cherry picked a selection of documents for disclosure to an employee was held to have waived legal advice privilege in all the documents. Why was this? More...


The Acas early conciliation process

Acas early conciliation must take place before most types of employment tribunal claim can be lodged by claimants. With the number of tribunal claims steadily rising, it’s definitely worth participating in the process if you can. How does it work? More...


Defending an employment tribunal claim

As statistics show that employment tribunal claims have increased by around 150% since fees were abolished in July 2017, it’s probably only a matter of time before a tribunal claim form lands on your desk. What are our top tips for defending claims? More...


Understanding the “stop the clock” provisions

Acas early conciliation (EC) is mandatory before most types of employment tribunal claim can be brought. However, EC stops the clock on tribunal time limits for instituting proceedings. How do these extension of time provisions operate? More...
Last updated: 31.03.2020

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