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Top tips for drafting employment contracts

When putting together a new employment contract for an employee, there are some common drafting mistakes that you should try to avoid. What are our top employment contract drafting tips to keep you safe? More...


Are pay secrecy clauses legal?

To prevent your employees discussing their pay and conditions with each other, you need a pay secrecy clause in your employment contracts. But to what extent is such a clause legally enforceable if an employee breaches it? More...


Electronic signatures are legally valid

The Law Commission has confirmed that electronic signatures are valid and can be used to execute employment contracts, etc. What’s this mean in practice? More...


Are boilerplate clauses necessary in employment contracts?

You sometimes see certain standard clauses, known as boilerplate clauses, appearing on the final pages of employment contracts. Why are these clauses there and what sort of issues do they cover? More...


Should you include a whole agreement clause in contracts?

Case law over recent years has highlighted that it’s definitely worth inserting a whole agreement clause into employment contracts. But what does such a clause mean and what are the benefits of routinely including one in contracts? More...
Last updated: 29.05.2020

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