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What’s the notice pay for an employee absent on sick leave?

If an employee either resigns or is dismissed whilst they’re on long-term sick leave, they’re still either required to give or entitled to receive their notice period. How does this work if they’re absent and what must you pay them?

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How to add value with succession planning

Succession planning is the process of identifying and growing future leaders, managers and key individuals to fill current and future business-critical positions. What are the key considerations? More...


What do you need to be aware of when employing children?

If you’re considering employing a child on a part-time basis, there are a number of provisions you need to know about and restrictions that you must comply with. What do you need to know? More...


What rest periods and rest breaks must you provide?

Under the Working Time Regulations 1998, workers have minimum entitlements to both rest periods and rest breaks. What time off work do you have to provide and what else do the statutory provisions say? More...


How should you deal with a flexible working request?

All employees with at least 26 weeks’ continuous employment have the statutory right to make a request for flexible working. If an employee submits such a request, what practical issues should you consider when dealing with it? More...


Uber loses appeal on worker status for its drivers

The Employment Appeal Tribunal has upheld a tribunal’s decision that Uber drivers are “workers” for the purposes of employment legislation. What’s likely to happen next and what are the implications of this decision for other so-called gig economy businesses? More...
Last updated: 19.01.2018

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