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TUPE - who and what automatically transfers?

TUPE applies to a “relevant transfer”, which can either be a service provision change or a business transfer. Where TUPE applies it’s important to know which people, rights and liabilities do or don’t transfer. What’s the answer?

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Shared parental leave - getting to grips with the paperwork

It’s fair to say that the shared parental leave and pay scheme is complex, and it requires rather a lot of paperwork to be completed. To comply with legislative requirements, what documents must be submitted by employees and by when? More...


What is not a disability?

Although you’re probably relatively familiar with the statutory definition of a disability, what you might not know is that there are some specific exclusions to that definition. When does the law say that a condition does not constitute a disability? More...


The dangers of disclosing legal advice

An employer who cherry picked a selection of documents for disclosure to an employee was held to have waived legal advice privilege in all the documents. Why was this? More...


National living wage to apply to 21 year olds

The government has set out its intention to lower the age threshold for the national living wage (NLW) to age 21. When is this likely to happen? More...


Dismissing older workers

Since the abolition of the statutory default retirement age, employees can, theoretically, continue to work indefinitely and you can’t dismiss them just because they’ve reached 65. What are your options for terminating the employment of older employees? More...
Last updated: 18.11.2019

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