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Asserting a statutory right

The Employment Appeal Tribunal has held that where an employee claims their dismissal was automatically unfair for asserting a statutory right, there must be an allegation that there’s already been a breach of a statutory right. What does this mean in practice?

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“Self-employed plus” - a new status?

A delivery firm has created a new “self-employed plus” model for its couriers. Is it something you should consider for your contractors too? More...


What to include in an alcohol and drugs policy

It’s advisable to have a policy in your staff handbook that clearly sets out your position on alcohol and drugs in the workplace. What specific points should you cover in your policy to afford the business maximum protection? More...


Key information document for agency workers

New regulations will require agency workers to be given a “Key Information Document” by employment businesses. What are the required contents of this document? More...


Sexual harassment complaints

A member of staff has made a complaint about being sexually harassed by a co-worker. How can you ascertain if there’s really a problem, and if there is, how should you respond to it? More...


What are the rules on KIT and SPLIT days?

Employees on maternity or adoption leave can work for some of their leave period without it bringing their leave to an end. Similar provisions apply in relation to shared parental leave. How do the rules on these “in touch” days operate? More...
Last updated: 19.04.2019

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