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Are pay secrecy clauses legal?

To prevent your employees discussing their pay and conditions with each other, you need a pay secrecy clause in your employment contracts. But to what extent is such a clause legally enforceable if an employee breaches it?

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TUPE - who and what automatically transfers?

TUPE applies to a “relevant transfer”, which can either be a service provision change or a business transfer. Where TUPE applies it’s important to know which people, rights and liabilities do or don’t transfer. What’s the answer? More...


Offending words can be severed from restrictive covenants

In the first restrictive covenants case to reach the Supreme Court for over 100 years, it has held that any unreasonably wide words can be severed from the remaining, reasonable parts of a covenant. Can you now start to worry a bit less about your drafting? More...


What’s ahead for employment law?

The government has now launched a further three consultation exercises covering various diverse employment matters. What specific matters is it consulting on and what are its proposals for employment law reform? More...


Changes to off-payroll working rules to go ahead as planned

The government has now confirmed that the private sector reforms to the off-payroll working rules are still to happen from 6 April 2020.What’s the latest? More...


Electronic signatures are legally valid

The Law Commission has confirmed that electronic signatures are valid and can be used to execute employment contracts, etc. What’s this mean in practice? More...
Last updated: 18.10.2019

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