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How to manage career breaks

Career breaks can offer benefits for employers, particularly around staff retention. What particular matters do you need to think about when putting in place a career breaks policy to ensure maximum protection?

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What is not a disability?

Although you’re probably relatively familiar with the statutory definition of a disability, what you might not know is that there are some specific exclusions to that definition. When does the law say that a condition does not constitute a disability? More...


Top tips for drafting employment contracts

When putting together a new employment contract for an employee, there are some common drafting mistakes that you should try to avoid. What are our top employment contract drafting tips to keep you safe? More...


New guidance on confidentiality agreements

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has published new guidance on the use of confidentiality agreements in discrimination cases. Should you read it? More...


Dismissing older workers

Since the abolition of the statutory default retirement age, employees can, theoretically, continue to work indefinitely and you can’t dismiss them just because they’ve reached 65. What are your options for terminating the employment of older employees? More...


Time to get SMART?

You want to improve target setting for your staff. You’re familiar with so-called SMART targets but haven’t ever implemented such a system. How should you go about it? More...
Last updated: 06.12.2019

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