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Do you need a lone working policy?

If you employ any staff who are required to work alone, even if only on an occasional basis, you should ideally put in place a lone working policy. What are the benefits of such a policy?

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Specific types of gross misconduct

An act of gross misconduct can result in an employee’s summary dismissal, once you’ve followed a fair disciplinary procedure. What are the more common types of gross misconduct and how should you deal with them? More...


Developing a special leave policy

In addition to their statutory rights to time off, employees might be absent from work for a variety of other reasons. A special leave, or leaves of absence, policy can encompass alternative time off work scenarios. What could it cover? More...


Do you have to pay sick pay for elective surgery?

If an employee undergoes elective surgery, they are likely to need some time off work, both for the procedure itself and to recover afterwards. What are your obligations to pay them statutory or contractual sick pay during their absence? More...


New guidance on confidentiality agreements

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has published new guidance on the use of confidentiality agreements in discrimination cases. Should you read it? More...


Time off to look for work on redundancy

Where an employee is under notice of dismissal due to redundancy, they are entitled to take reasonable time off work to either look for a new job or to arrange training for future employment. Exactly how far does this statutory right extend? More...
Last updated: 17.01.2020

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