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Without prejudice discussions or pre-termination negotiations?

Prior to entering into a settlement agreement with an employee, you should conduct either without prejudice discussions or pre-termination negotiations. What are the key differences between the two?

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Prepare early for the winter weather

As the UK braces itself for what some commentators expect to be the coldest winter for ten years, what can you do now to prepare for the inevitable disruption to your business? More...


Are you ready for T Levels?

T Levels will start to be taught in England and Wales from September 2020. What are they and when can you expect to see them on a job applicant’s CV? More...


Managing persistent short-term sickness absence

Most employees will occasionally need a few days off because of illness and you must therefore tolerate a certain amount of sickness absence. However, what should you do when persistent short-term sickness absence reaches an unacceptable level? More...


What are dismissals for “some other substantial reason”?

Some other substantial reason is one of the five potentially fair reasons for dismissal and it’s generally a catch-all for dismissals that aren’t within the scope of the other four potentially fair reasons. What does it cover and how can you ensure it’s a fair dismissal? More...


Recruitment and the GDPR

There are some tricky recruitment issues arising out of the new data protection legislation. What is the impact of it on immigration-related obligations, equal opportunities monitoring, checking social media profiles and asking for information on criminal convictions? More...
Last updated: 14.12.2018

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