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A new statutory right to neonatal leave and pay

The government has confirmed its intention to introduce statutory leave and pay for parents of babies requiring neonatal care, with the provisions to be set out in the forthcoming Employment Bill. What is the new statutory scheme likely to look like?

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Coronavirus: reducing employees’ hours or pay

Many employers who are suffering economic difficulties have asked their employees who are still working during the coronavirus pandemic to take cuts in hours and/or pay. What’s the legal position here? More...


Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme - the detail

A new scheme will enable you to access a grant so you can continue paying part of your employees’ wages if they’re on your payroll and have been asked to stop working during the coronavirus pandemic. What else do we know so far about the scheme? More...


Coronavirus: interaction between annual leave and furlough

There have been many questions raised by employers about whether employees can request or be required to take their annual leave, including bank holidays, during furlough. What’s the position? More...


Coronavirus: the latest on the employment measures

With the government’s coronavirus delay strategy now being progressed on a daily basis, what are the latest measures due to come into force, or already in force, that specifically affect employers? More...


The pitfalls of unsigned employment contracts

Although there’s no legislation requiring employment contracts to be signed by employees to be binding, obtaining their signature is best practice as it provides clear evidence of their acceptance of the terms. But what’s the risk with an unsigned contract? More...
Last updated: 29.05.2020

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