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Leaving early - still entitled to redundancy pay?

An employee under notice of redundancy may want to leave their employment early, i.e. before their notice expires. If they choose to do so, are they still entitled to receive a statutory redundancy payment?

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What should contracts say about overtime or time off in lieu?

If you may require your staff to work extra hours, you should include overtime provisions in your employment contracts, and these may also need to cover time off in lieu. What specific factors do you need to think about? More...


What exactly is a wrongful dismissal?

The dismissal of an employee could be unfair, wrongful, either or neither, but it’s important not to get the two confused as they’re entirely different. When might there be a wrongful dismissal? More...


Court of Appeal rules on compensatory rest breaks

The Court of Appeal has now overturned the Employment Appeal Tribunal’s earlier ruling on the composition of compensatory rest breaks. What are the implications? More...


Suspension of teacher not a repudiatory contract breach

The Court of Appeal has held that an employer had reasonable and proper cause to suspend an employee and therefore it didn’t commit a repudiatory breach of contract. Why is this a helpful decision for employers? More...


Paternity leave and pay - what you need to know

Paternity leave is statutory time off work taken by an employee when their partner is having a baby or adopting a child. They might also be eligible for statutory paternity pay. What key things do you need to know about paternity leave and pay? More...
Last updated: 17.05.2019

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