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Time off for jury service

If a key employee is selected for jury service, their unexpected absence can be difficult to manage if it’s a particularly busy time for the business. What rights does the employee have and can you ask the court to defer their jury service?

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Recovering an overpayment of wages

If you’ve accidentally overpaid a worker, e.g. due to an administrative or payroll error, you’ll normally want to take prompt steps to recover that overpayment. What are your options and can the worker defend your claim for recovery? More...


Are boilerplate clauses necessary in employment contracts?

You sometimes see certain standard clauses, known as boilerplate clauses, appearing on the final pages of employment contracts. Why are these clauses there and what sort of issues do they cover? More...


Gender equality roadmap and sexual harassment consultation

The government has published “Gender equality at every stage: a roadmap for change” and a consultation on sexual harassment. What do you need to know? More...


Consultation on reducing ill-health-related job loss

The government is consulting on the different ways in which action can be taken to reduce ill-health-related job loss. What’s it all about? More...


Get ready for new legislation

Redundancy protection is to be extended for pregnant women and new parents and confidentiality clauses are to be reformed. What will the new legislation say? More...
Last updated: 20.08.2019

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