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The truth about references

You haven’t bothered asking for references previously because you doubted their value. But the new boss is insisting you start referencing new candidates. What can you ask, and are employers obliged to provide this information?

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How to conduct a grievance investigation

When an employee raises a grievance, you’ll need to appoint an investigating manager to properly investigate it. How should they go about conducting an effective workplace grievance investigation? More...


Managing long-term sickness absence

If an employee is absent on long-term sick leave, there will come a point in time when you need to consider whether dismissal is appropriate. What are the legal risks here and what fair process should you follow? More...


Repeal of the Swedish derogation

New regulations will repeal the Swedish derogation for agency workers from 6 April 2020. What will its revocation mean for temporary work agencies? More...


What should contracts say about place of work and mobility?

You’re legally required to specify an employee’s place of work in their employment contract, but mobility clauses are entirely optional. But why should you have a mobility clause and what should it say? More...


What monitoring is permitted in the workplace?

If you want to monitor what your staff are getting up to in the workplace, exactly how far can you go when it comes keeping tabs on their use of e-mail, the Internet and your computer and telephone systems? More...
Last updated: 21.06.2019

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