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Worker crushed by falling box

Halfords has been fined £200,000 after one of its employees was crushed by a box in a storeroom. What should it have done to prevent it? More...


Four suspended jail sentences for management team

A director and three managers from a Port Talbot furniture factory have been severely punished for their failure to improve health and safety conditions. Why did they receive such harsh sentences? More...


Overhead lines hazard

As a case heard in 2015 shows, if you have overhead power lines on your premises, complacency can be fatal. What happened in this case and how can you avoid a similar tragedy? More...


Basic requirements overlooked

Most of the safety requirements relating to warehouses and stores are fairly straightforward. As a September 2015 case shows, when the solutions are obvious excuses won’t wash. What happened? More...


Don’t forget the snagging list

Fashion brand Hugo Boss was heavily fined in connection with the death of a child at one of its stores. How could it get its public safety measures so wrong and what lessons are there for others in the retail trade? More...


Is your car park barrier a hazard?

North Lincolnshire Council has been ordered to pay fines and costs of over £200,000 after a driver was killed by a faulty car park barrier. Where did it go wrong and if you have similar barriers on your premises, what should you do? More...


Employee trapped inside machine

Tyre manufacturer Pirelli was prosecuted over the death of an employee found inside an industrial autoclave. How did the accident happen and what should have been done to prevent it? More...


Obtain the right type of asbestos survey

In May 2015 the HSE prosecuted a company after it failed to identify asbestos materials in advance of construction work in a college. What type of survey ought to have been commissioned and why? More...


Wall collapsed onto employee

Walls may seem like simple structures but, as the prosecution of a carpet firm shows, there’s more to their design than meets the eye. What happened and how can you avoid making the same mistakes? More...


Live cables lurking out of sight

A manufacturing company has been fined heavily after a subcontractor was electrocuted. But as the contractor was not an electrician, how did he come into contact with a live conductor? More...
Last updated: 01.04.2020

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