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Monitoring the condition of asbestos

When asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) have been identified on your premises, you must ensure the occupants of the building are not exposed to risk. One action is to monitor the condition of these materials. Use our form for this purpose. More...


The process of managing asbestos

If you’re responsible for premises, managing any asbestos which may be present is a high priority. There are a number of rules regarding how to do this, but our flow chart makes it simple. What’s covered? More...


The HSE indicates low confidence in asbestos removals

When the HSE was asked whether all asbestos-containing materials should be compulsorily removed from buildings, its comments gave an insight into its concerns about the asbestos removal industry. What’s the story? More...


Firm dodged £800,000 asbestos fine by going bust

A company has been prosecuted after it was discovered that asbestos-containing materials it knew were present were left to deteriorate and spread fibres throughout a workplace. What measures should it have implemented? More...


Firm had workers dry sweeping asbestos dust

A court has heard how workers cleaned up asbestos dust from a floor the size of a football pitch without any precautions. As a result, the firm has been prosecuted. What should the company have done instead? More...


Developer assumed to have disturbed asbestos

The owner of a building has been given a suspended prison sentence after it was discovered that major refurbishment had taken place without an asbestos survey. Why was the HSE so sure asbestos had been disturbed? More...


Council fined for asbestos exposure

A council has been fined £200,000 after asbestos materials were discovered in a poor condition in a primary school. The school was under the control of a third party at the time, so why was the local authority at fault? More...


What to include in your asbestos management plan

If you own or manage property, you have a duty to protect staff and others from asbestos risks. Use our new template document to help set out your arrangements. More...


Asbestos scare for Bunsen burner users


Asbestos registers are being ignored

An asbestos register is an important document showing where it can be found, but a recent study shows that they’re not well used. What is it that you need to do, particularly with regard to contractors on site? More...
Last updated: 03.06.2020

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