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Driving hours and rest breaks

New enforcement powers for the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency came into force on 5 March. How might the changes affect your drivers? More...


Confirmation that you’re safe to drive

As an employer you must make reasonable checks that anyone driving for you is fit to do so and is properly licensed. Use our driver declaration form to fulfil your legal obligations. More...


CCTV recording used against firm

In February 2016 a waste firm was prosecuted in relation to a fatal accident involving a plant driver. How was CCTV evidence used against the company and what can you do to avoid a similar occurance? More...


Are you up to speed with licence checks?

In June 2015 counterpart driving licences were abolished and the information became available online instead. What are the practicalities of using this system and is there anything you should watch out for? More...


How to check driving licences

From 8 June 2015 the paper counterpart to the photo driving licence will be scrapped. So how can you check that your drivers’ licences are valid? More...


Still driven to distraction

Road Safety Week 2013 will focus on drivers avoiding distractions, such as mobile phones. Why should you promote this message to your staff? More...


Should you allow hands-free phone use?

To avoid any risk of liability from the use of mobile phones by drivers, your company has always taken the line that staff must switch off their phones whilst at the wheel. But the policy is proving inconvenient. What are the options? More...


Are winter tyres a must?

With another harsh winter forecast, is it time to follow other Europeans and invest in a set of winter tyres? What are the benefits of doing so and the costs - is it worth it? More...


Better labelling of medicines

Doctors have warned that those driving and using heavy machinery whilst taking over-the-counter drugs are putting themselves at risk. What’s to know? More...


No safe system for unloading vehicles

Failure to ensure that safe systems of work were in place to accept deliveries resulted in the death of a worker and a prosecution. How did the accident happen and how might it have been prevented? More...
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