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£2.3 million fine for bus company

Bus company Midland Red has been given a massive fine in connection with a fatal accident caused by one of its drivers. What happened and why was the employer found responsible? More...


Safe driving: from the front

A poll which looked at dodgy behaviour at the wheel has identified a particular group of staff as the worst offenders. Who are they and what do researchers say needs to happen? More...


Scheme to reduce roadside inspections


Will mobile phones soon have a driving mode?

The latest iPhone operating system includes a drive-safe mode. There’s now a campaign to get other manufacturers to follow Apple’s lead. How does this feature work and should you require its use? More...


Q&A - driver licence expiry


Fatal distraction at the wheel

A case that followed the deaths of four people has put the use of mobile devices whilst driving into the spotlight. How might this affect you? More...


Director imprisoned for loading death

A company director has been handed a prison sentence in connection with a fatal accident during lorry loading. How did the accident occur and why was the penalty so severe? More...


The latest on driver safety

You’ve heard of firms putting their staff through fancy driver training programmes. So far your own arrangements have focused on the basics such as driver licence checks. What’s the bottom line; must you do more? More...


Hands-free phones are as bad as hand-held

Psychologists at the University of Sussex say that drivers who talk via a hands-free phone may be just as distracted as those who use a hand-held one. What were their findings and might you need to change your policy as a result? More...


Don’t turn a blind eye to unqualified drivers

Earlier this year the MoD appealed against a decision that it was liable for a Land Rover accident. Although it occurred in Afghanistan there are some useful lessons for those managing drivers in the UK. What’s the story? More...
Last updated: 18.10.2019

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