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Face-fit testing

During a site safety inspection you were told that all staff using dust masks and any other respiratory protective equipment (RPE) must have a face-fit test. What is this and is it really necessary? More...


Q&A - what’s an FFP mask?


Ban the beard

Construction contractor Mears has told staff to report to work clean shaven. Why has it brought in this rule and might you have to consider doing the same? More...


Check out your dust masks

Research by the HSE shows that some disposable face masks don’t match up to manufacturer claims. What were the findings and is there any action you should take to ensure that your staff are protected? More...


Checking that face masks work properly

If staff have been shown how to wear respiratory protective equipment (RPE) and have been “fit-tested” in the last two years, there’s a chance that it might not have been completed properly. What’s to know? More...


Pass the fit test

You’ve purchased respirators to protect staff from inhaling hazardous fumes. However, you’ve been told that the staff must be “fit-tested” before they can use them. Is this a legal requirement, and if so, how should they be trained? More...
Last updated: 12.12.2018

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