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Q&A - must all keyboards be adjustable?


Shrinking laptops

One of your employees has requested a “netbook” instead of a normal size laptop. Apparently, it does the same job, but is lighter and easier to carry around. But does its size create other safety issues you need to deal with? More...


Providing chairs for homeworkers

An employee who works from home has sent in an expenses request to cover the cost of a £200 office chair. They purchased it to help them with a back problem. Do you have a legal duty to pay for it? More...


Staff concerns about DSE

According to a TUC report, safety concerns about working at a computer and the physical strains associated with DSE use are two of the three most worried about elements of working life. But just how a big an issue is this? More...


An executive seat please

A colleague has just purchased a new “executive” chair. However, when you looked at the one they’d chosen, you realised that it wasn’t really suitable for prolonged screen-based work. Do you need to worry about this? More...


Shedding light on the matter!

You’re thinking about refurbishing an office and improving the lighting for display screen use. You’ve employed a contractor to do it, but he keeps talking about various lighting standards. What are they and do you need to follow them? More...
Last updated: 01.04.2020

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