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Business failed to respond to “request”

A car repair business has been prosecuted because of problems with its control of spray booth risks. What was the issue and how did the owner’s response to inspectors turn a simple request for information into a court appearance? More...


NHS Trust overlooked dermatitis problem

The HSE has prosecuted a healthcare employer after inspectors discovered a number of dermatitis cases. What should the Trust have done to prevent them and what reporting requirements should it have followed? More...


Stone masons’ health should have been protected

Although the risks of silica dust exposure have become a high priority for the HSE, to date, prosecutions have been quite rare. What does the Stonyhurst College case tell us about the measures employers are expected to take? More...


Lead poisoning is still an issue

Exposure to lead at work may not be as common as it once was but, as a recent case shows, if your staff are at risk you can’t ignore it. What happened and how can you avoid the same outcome? More...


Employer should have paid for psychiatric treatment

The Employment Appeal Tribunal recently reviewed an unusual case in which an employer was said to have discriminated against a disabled employee. What did it do wrong and how can you avoid following suit? More...


29 cases of hand-arm vibration syndrome

A council was prosecuted because a number of staff were left with permanent damage to their hands as a result of using vibrating tools and equipment. How can you avoid ending up in the same position? More...


When is a medical condition work-related?

You’ve been notified by an employee that they have a medical condition. It’s seemingly not work-related, but does that mean you’re free from all liability? What can be learned from a recent case? More...


High Court rejects fatigue and stress claim

When it comes to managing stress at work even your best efforts may not prevent claims. So how far do you need to go? A recent case helps to clarify the situation. More...


Employees at risk from asthma

In a recent prosecution, a company was accused of serious failings in the management of hazardous soldering fumes. What happened and what can you do to avoid the same fate? More...


Has the door been opened to stress claimants?

Ever since the Court of Appeal finding in Hatton v Sutherland in 2002, it’s been much harder for an employee to successfully bring a stress claim against their employer. However, a new case may have changed this. What’s the latest news? More...
Last updated: 18.02.2020

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