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Managing noise at live music events

You’re planning to host live music events several times a year at your premises. What do you need to do to protect staff, customers and neighbours from high noise levels? More...


Royal Opera House loses hearing damage appeal

The Royal Opera House (ROH) has lost its appeal against a judgment which required it to pay £750,000 in compensation for hearing damage. What led to this landmark case, and what might the outcome mean for employers? More...


Should you measure noise with a phone app?

You’re concerned about noise levels in your workplace and you want to take some readings. What level of noise might be a concern, and when equipping yourself for the task can you simply use an app? More...


Nail and staple guns: too noisy?

It’s been concluded that nail and staple guns should not be included on a list used to assess industrial disablement claims. Does this mean that this equipment doesn’t damage hearing? More...


Should personal music players be banned?

An aerospace company has recently banned the use of personal music devices, such as iPods and MP3 players, on health and safety grounds. Why was this decision made and should you follow suit? More...


Noise levels at a Christmas party


Case heard

An employee has recently won a compensation case for noise induced hearing loss. What steps can you take to reduce the chance of a similar claim being brought against you? More...
Last updated: 29.05.2020

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