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Firm fined for “incredibly manual” production line

A manufacturer in the automotive industry has been prosecuted for breaching manual handling legislation. What events led to the case and what actions has the company taken to turn its safety performance around? More...


Worker paralysed in manual handling accident

Restaurant chain PizzaExpress has been ordered to pay fines and costs of over £1/4 million after an unusual manual handling accident. What happened and how would better management training have prevented it? More...


The post round

In March 2015 the Court of Appeal considered whether an employer was liable for a trip on the stairs which occurred when an employee was delivering post. What happened and why? More...


School pushes off wheelchair claim

The case of Sloan v The Governors of Rastrick High School 2014 provides useful clarification on the best way to manage people handling risks as well as lessons in defending yourself in court. What’s the story? More...


Failure to manage manual handling is costly

The High Court has considered the case of a nurse who developed chronic pain disorder following an accident at work. What happened and what should managers have done to prevent it? More...


What’s “breach of statutory duty”?

You’re facing a compensation claim from a member of staff who alleges that they’ve been injured because of a breach of your statutory duty. What does this mean and how should you deal with it? More...


Ticking all the manual handling boxes

A logistics company recently saw off a compensation claim from an ex-employee whose back was injured at work. Why wasn’t it liable for damages and how can you follow its lead? More...


Manual lifting job went badly wrong

The HSE recently prosecuted three companies for their involvement in a serious manual handling accident. How did it happen and how can you avoid a similar incident on your premises? More...


Moving a heavy load

When an employee suffered an injury during a manual handling operation the HSE showed an interest. The result was a large fine plus costs. So what could the company have done to prevent it? More...


“Want a lift with that?”

We’ve previously advised about the need to complete manual handling assessments. A recent case shows what can happen if this is done, but not followed. What are the key lessons to be learned? More...
Last updated: 31.03.2020

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