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Pallet deliveries causing a strain

Your deliveries frequently arrive on pallets, and the drivers simply drop them on the pavement and expect staff to unpack and carry everything into the building. Is this acceptable and if so is there a legal limit to observe? More...


Failure to manage manual handling is costly

The High Court has considered the case of a nurse who developed chronic pain disorder following an accident at work. What happened and what should managers have done to prevent it? More...


Choosing a sack truck

A simple way to reduce the amount of manual handling required of your delivery drivers is to provide them with sack trucks. What are they and what should you consider when purchasing one? More...


Getting to grips with hoists

The HSE has recently issued new official guidance on the use of patient hoists and slings for moving the elderly and disabled. What is its legal status, who does it apply to and what does it say? More...


Water coolers

Water coolers are becoming an increasingly common sight in the workplace. They aren’t an obvious safety hazard, but there are more risks associated with them than you may realise. What are they and how can you reduce them? More...


Stuck fast

You’ve got to lift the manhole covers on your site, but they’re stuck fast. What methods should you adopt to prise them free and what are the main health and safety issues involved? More...
Last updated: 09.12.2019

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