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Agency worker injured by machinery

A manufacturing company has been fined after a blade caused serious injuries to an agency worker’s hand. What caused the accident and how should the firm have managed its agency staff differently? More...


Machinery safety device failed to prevent injury

A court has heard how an employee suffered life-changing injuries to his arm when his glove was dragged into the workings of a conveyor belt. His employer had invested in a high-end safety system, so what went wrong? More...


Accident compounded by first aid errors

A court has heard how an agency worker’s hand injuries were made worse by a lack of trained first aiders on shift at the time. What mistakes were made and what can you do to avoid a similar situation? More...


Cleaning proves deadly

A court has heard how a cleaner was only discovered to be missing when he didn’t show up for his taxi home. A search of the premises then revealed that he had been killed. What happened? More...


Service failures can impact safety

A facilities management company has been prosecuted after standby generators failed during a power cut, resulting in high containment facilities being left without power for several hours. What happened? More...


Employer fined after believing CV claims

A golf club whose employee was killed in a tree felling accident has been prosecuted despite the fact that the man had told them he was trained to use a chainsaw. What does this tell you about employers’ duties? More...


“Smiler” case going to court

Following an accident on a rollercoaster, the HSE has confirmed that Alton Towers’ management company is to be prosecuted. What can be learned from this? More...


Not even the Force can save you

An HSE press release has identified that its reach stretches to safety on the set of a spaceship in a galaxy far, far away. What’s to know? More...


Fatal machinery blockages

If you use machinery you must have safety procedures for the full range of tasks which staff undertake. How has this point been underlined in the case against waste firm Gwynn Davies-McTiffin Ltd and what should you do differently? More...


Crane manufacturer in the dock over lifting errors

A case heard in June 2015 concerned the injury to an employee struck by a falling beam during a lifting operation. What actions should have been taken to prevent the accident? More...
Last updated: 01.04.2020

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