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False protection

With HSE costs and fines ever increasing, support packages that include enforcement and expenses insurance can be tempting. Is this the way to go? More...


Check the small print on your policy


Which type of insurance is compulsory?

Your insurance broker is suggesting that you take up various types of insurance. Which policies are compulsory and which should you consider to protect your health and safety liabilities? More...


Check your insurance conditions

Insurers are adding safety-related conditions to policies. Why is this, what do they relate to and what could happen if you fail to comply with them? More...


New guidance for employers clarifies insurance rules

When the government sought to ascertain why health and safety was perceived as a major burden by businesses, it found that many of the problems were linked to the insurance industry. How has the sector responded? More...


No win, no fee, no more?

Changes have recently come into force which affect the way in which the cost of court action is recovered by claimants. What’s happened and why is it good news? More...


No court costs awarded in criminal cases


The over zealous assessor

You believe that your health and safety consultant and your insurer are still going overboard when checking your health and safety arrangements. How should you deal with them? More...


Large number of employers uninsured


What is “vicarious liability”?

You’ve heard that you can be held “vicariously liable” if someone is injured as a result of your work activities. How might you be caught and can you do anything to avoid it? More...
Last updated: 31.03.2020

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