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Lone worker found dead

It’s what every manager of lone workers dreads: that an employee will have a serious accident and no one notices. What happened in the case of a Barnet housing provider and how can you avoid finding yourself in a similar situation? More...


Company robbed and then fined for it

A national newsagent has been ordered to pay fines and costs of £228,000 after pleading guilty to safety offences. How did getting robbed become a crime and what can you do to avoid finding yourself in the same position? More...


Are you looking after your young workers?

The law protecting young workers is pretty strict, and as a flurry of recent cases shows, there are serious consequences for those who get it wrong. What do you need to know? More...


Those in safety-critical roles should take note

Recent prosecutions against individual workers show that employees can’t just behave however they wish and assume that their employer will take the blame and clear up the mess. How can you make use of these examples? More...


The manager’s accident was his fault

A recent court case examined who was to blame when the manager of a tyre-fitting outlet was injured at work. It concluded that the manager was the “author of his own accident”. Can you learn anything from this? More...


Appeal court rules on violence between employees

A recent case reviewed the extent of an employer’s responsibility for violent acts committed between work colleagues. What were the findings and what are the implications for employers? More...


Going bust doesn’t get you off the hook

A recent case has highlighted that even when a company ceases trading the HSE may continue with legal proceedings against the directors. What happened and what can be learned? More...


Don’t ban the use of unsafe work equipment

A recent case shows that by going out of your way to prohibit the use of dodgy equipment, you may, contrary to your intention, increase potential liability. What happened and how can you avoid the same trap? More...


Don’t forget to train supervisors too

A lack of guard railing on a scaffold tower, which wasn’t picked up by those supervising, led to a fatal fall and the prosecution of an electrical contracting company. What training lessons can be learned from this particular case? More...


Trapped, but no one knew

An employee of Veetee Rice Ltd died as a result of injuries sustained whilst trapped in a silo. His employer was prosecuted, plus the HSE saw fit to issue a warning. How did the incident happen and could it have been prevented? More...
Last updated: 04.08.2020

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