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Company failed to complete its own safety audit

DHL has been fined £2.6 million following the death of a worker at a site the company had acquired just months earlier. What could have been done to prevent the accident? More...


Is your landlord letting you down?

During a recent audit a number of gaps were found in the safety arrangements for your building. Your lease is for just part of the premises and the problems identified are not in your remit. Is this any concern of yours? More...


Ending the “blue tape” scourge

The HSE is concerned that employers are being persuaded to take unnecessary action under the guise of health and safety. What’s the story? More...


Q&A - how often must we do site inspections?


Bringing everything in from a previous employer

You have recently employed a new operations manager who has come from one of your major competitors. Since he joined he’s been trying to introduce his former employer’s policies and procedures. Should you go along with this? More...


Q&A - can we use electronic audit tools?


Is everything as it should be?

Many businesses are caught out when it’s shown that their paperwork doesn’t reflect what’s actually happening in the workplace. To prevent this, use our new compliance audit. More...


Must we undertake an annual review?


Does your policy paint an accurate picture?

18 months ago you employed a consultancy to help you put a health and safety policy together. However, it doesn’t reflect your business or how you manage safety issues. Must you address this? More...


Health and safety reforms - how are they going?

The government has given itself top marks for the programme of health and safety reforms delivered in the parliamentary term ending 30 March 2015. What’s changed and is there more to come? More...
Last updated: 18.02.2020

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