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Bouncy castle - safety advice

The HSE has issued advice which relates to the safety of bouncy castles. It’s aimed at both consumers and suppliers. If you’re thinking of buying or hiring one, how might this be useful? More...


Children used construction site as playground

A case heard at Cardiff Crown Court illustrates how companies can take the blame if children enter their site and injure themselves. What happened and what should have been done to prevent it? More...


New guidance on school trip safety

Guidance has been published by the government covering health and safety in schools and the specific actions to take when organising school trips. What’s covered and is it compulsory to apply it? More...


Parents asked to pay for work experience checks

The HSE has stepped in following a disagreement over fees which a school wanted to charge for work experience safety checks. As a result there has been some clarification over the legal requirement. What’s to know? More...


Door closed on child’s fingers

The board of governors at a primary school has been fined after a pupil lost part of a finger when it was trapped in a door. Where did they go wrong and what should they have done to prevent the accident? More...
Last updated: 01.04.2020

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