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Care home was warned before fatal fire

Despite previous warnings from the London Fire Brigade, a care home resident died when a fire began in his room. What steps should have been taken to prevent this tragedy? More...


Huge fine for care home fire

One of the biggest ever fines to be levied for fire offences has been handed out to a care home. What were the consequences of the fire and where did the business go wrong? More...


Should you allow staff to fight fires?

If there’s a fire, would you encourage staff to tackle it? If so, following the result of an HSE prosecution, you might want to think again. What do you need to know? More...


External fire escape collapsed

In an unusual case, a company was prosecuted for the failure of a metal escape staircase. Why did the accident happen and what should have been done to prevent it? More...


A lesson in learning from your mistakes

A judge recently concluded that a £7 million bakery fire could have been prevented if the client and its suppliers had responded more effectively to an earlier incident. What happened? More...


Flying gas cylinders

Are your gas cylinders stored and secured properly? If not it could have fatal consequences. What happened in a recent case and what should you be doing to prevent a similar incident? More...


Lakanhal House verdicts

On July 3 2009, a fire in high-rise flats in Camberwell, London, killed six occupants. What lessons came out of the inquest and how should you apply them in your business? More...


Fashion retailer fined for six fire safety offences

In a recent court case retailer Jack Wills Limited pleaded guilty to six fire offences. But the overriding lesson from the case was how easily the situation could have been avoided. What happened? More...


Waste disposal with a bang

As an employer recently found out, you can’t escape your responsibilities by simply leaving staff to make up their method of work. You’ll be to blame however ridiculous their actions might seem. What happened? More...


Liability for damages to your neighbour’s property

In a recent case, a business owner sought damages after a fire spread out of control from his neighbour’s property. How did an historic case play its part in the outcome and what lessons are there to be learned? More...
Last updated: 09.04.2020

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