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HSE wants to influence small businesses

The HSE says that workers in small and medium-sized enterprises are at much greater risk of accidents and ill health. What are the root causes and what does it plan to do about it? More...


Must you follow industry guidance?

It appears that industry guidance is replacing HSE-produced material as the official line on compliance. What do you need to know? More...


New consultations launched


HSE to review Approved Codes of Practice

The HSE has opened up a consultation on proposals for the revision, consolidation or withdrawal of its Approved Codes of Practice (ACoPs). Why is it doing this and what is it trying to achieve? More...


Didn’t the HSE close its Infoline?


No more free advice from the HSE?

Now that the HSE has closed its Infoline service, does this mean that it will no longer be offering businesses advice on managing health and safety risks? What other options are available? More...


Enforcement? Not us...

According to the HSE’s Estates Excellence website, if you need help improving your health and safety systems, without the risk of enforcement action, you should contact the campaign team. Is doing this a wise move? More...


What’s covered in your policy?

The HSE has recently published a new sample health and safety policy. What’s different about this document and can you learn anything from it? More...


Safety in property developing


Getting hitched

The HSE has stated that they will be paying close attention to the correct use of quick hitches (used to connect attachments to excavators). What will inspectors want to see if they inspect your site? More...
Last updated: 09.12.2019

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