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HSE sector plans finalised

The HSE has published final versions of its sector plans that set out the regulator’s priorities for the next three to five years. What do you need to know? More...


Stop. Make a Change.


HSE sector plans

The HSE is in the process of publishing 19 separate plans that detail how it’s planning to tackle safety in different sectors. What’s to know? More...


New HSE campaign


“Buy Quiet” campaign

The HSE has launched a campaign focused on preventing exposure to harmful levels of noise. What’s it all about? More...


Don’t get cleaned out

The HSE has recently launched a campaign which is targeted at in-house and contract cleaners. What is its aim and is it likely to prompt a flurry of inspections? More...


Are we seeing a change in enforcement tactics?

If you had any doubts about how strong the links between the HSE, the local authorities and the Fire & Rescue Service (FRS) are, a recent event should dispel them completely. What’s to know? More...


LPG inspections taking place now

One of our subscribers was recently visited by an HSE inspector who checked over their LPG installation and immediately issued an improvement notice with a long list of requirements. What’s going on? More...


European safety week 2010 - maintenance


Safe & sound at work

The latest campaign to hit the HSE’s website is focused on employee involvement. How will it play out and is there anything in it for you? More...
Last updated: 01.04.2020

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