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Don’t assume your contractor will work safely

A company recently found itself in a very awkward spot when an HSE inspector caught a contractor working unsafely. What were they doing and how could the incident have been avoided? More...


Specialist contractor was required

An agency worker suffered a serious foot injury when he was commissioning a new piece of equipment at a sewage works. The accident occurred due to his lack of knowledge, so why was he undertaking the work? More...


Check contractor applications

It’s come to light that some contractors claim to be receiving competent health and safety advice when they’re not. What’s happening? More...


Can you get a cheap (and legal) diving contractor?

Your premises includes a waterside structure which has been damaged. Previous quotes for diving work have been pricey, but a friend of a friend has now offered a good price. What’s the catch? More...


Balfour Beatty fined £2.6 million

A court has heard how a construction giant’s efforts to keep a project on schedule led to a lack of proper site management and the death of a worker. Where and how did it all go wrong? More...


Q&A - must we gain numerous accreditations?


Not such an expert on fire safety compliance

Following a prosecution in March 2015, a fire station manager has warned businesses to beware of those offering fire services without the necessary credentials. What should you look out for? More...


Does your fire contractor need third party certification?

You’ve heard that when selecting a contractor to carry out fire safety work, such as installing an alarm system, you should check they have “third party certification”. What does this mean and, if it’s necessary, how can it be verified? More...


Appointing a grounds maintenance contractor

You would like someone to undertake grass cutting, hedge trimming, etc. What health and safety considerations must be taken into account when deciding on a suitable contractor, and how should you control the work? More...


Compliance with site rules

A contractor has stated that because you only made them aware of your site safety rules at the last minute, they will not be able to comply with them. How should you deal with this situation? More...
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