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Developer in jail after losing appeal case

A director who was blamed for the death of a worker on a construction site has lost his appeal against conviction for manslaughter. Why was he held responsible despite claiming to have no knowledge of poor practices on the site? More...


High street building collapse

A client and their contractor have appeared in court over the uncontrolled collapse of a building on to the High Street in Ramsgate. How did the accident occur and what should been done differently? More...


Thinking of DIY construction?

If you’re planning alterations to your building you might be tempted to keep the costs down by engaging subcontractors directly. But be careful that you don’t unwittingly overstretch yourself as one firm did. What happened? More...


Apprentice was killed when “bombing”

A company has been prosecuted in connection with the death of a 16-year-old apprentice who fell from a scaffold whilst throwing waste into a skip. What were the consequences for the firm and where did it go wrong? More...


Lack of support led to wall collapse

A company, its managing director and a project manager have all pleaded guilty to health and safety charges in relation to a fatal accident. Why did it occur and how could it have been avoided? More...


Heavy penalty for trench collapse boss

In April 2011 a worker was buried in a collapsed excavation on a construction site. What caused the fatal accident and what should his employer have done to prevent it? More...


Excavator cut hospital’s gas supply

A major construction company has been prosecuted after uncharacteristic failures caused an excavator to sever the fuel supply to a hospital in the middle of winter. What happened and how can you avoid a similar incident? More...


Killed by client’s lack of communication

A court has heard how a businessman who asked his Latvian employees to convert a building began a fatal catalogue of errors. What went wrong and how can you avoid making the same mistakes? More...


Protect vulnerable members of the public

A case heard in June 2014 concerned the death of a resident who stumbled into part of a building under refurbishment. The operator of the care home was prosecuted but they weren’t alone in the dock. Who else was there and why? More...


Beware of underground services - such as trains!

The Rail Accident Investigation Branch has reported on an incident which proves just how important it is to check what’s in the ground before piling or starting deep excavations. What happened? More...
Last updated: 29.05.2020

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