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Staff injured in cleaning accidents

A hotel and its management company have been ordered to pay £70,000 in fines and costs after three workers were hospitalised. What happened and how could this situation have been prevented? More...


Updated guidance on plastics


Where have you been?

When a member of a council’s workforce went missing for 24 hours, his colleagues barely paid attention to the fact. That is, until the case ended up in court. What happened and how can you avoid a similar experience? More...


Safe use of cutting torches

A recent case has highlighted what can happen if oxy-acetylene gas isn’t used and stored correctly. What happened and what should you be doing to avoid a similar incident? More...


Expensive exposure

The HSE have recently prosecuted a photo processing company after three of its staff suffered allergic contact dermatitis. How did it happen and how can you avoid similar action being taken? More...
Last updated: 01.04.2020

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